Does weather have any influence on our moods?



Expectations, What we call it ” When we are strongly affiliated with a person and want that one would not decieve us or be there at right time.But what actually, Expectations mostly hurt us not partially but completey. If i say expectations are the root of depression then it would be not wrong. When we are hurt mentally, we deprived of mentally and unable to focus on daily matters especially when we are hurt by our beloved one..!!!

Blonde v. Yellow (The difference, as explained by a preschooler)

My best friend is three years old (excuse me, almost four… on May 17th to be exact). She is the funniest person I’ve ever met. Although I am technically her babysitter, connected by our families, neighbors and friends, we frequently call each other for play dates and Noodles and Company lunches.

Today, as we were scootering down the street, she began telling me about a neighbor and her yellow hair. When I asked her what color hair she and I had, she replied blonde. I asked her what the difference between yellow and blonde, and she responded that her (preschool) class determined that yellow hair is not real and ladies paint their hair yellow to try to look sexy.

So before you go dying your hair yellow, just remember – three year olds are watching you.

Lot of work to do but so little

Lot of work to do but so little motivation..